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Have you ever wondered why you are here on this planet? 

Have you ever wondered if there may be a hidden purpose to your existence?

Are you here perhaps to do something with deeper meaning than what you are up to right now — but don’t know what that is?

Are you in the dark regarding your spirituality, whether, or not, you are a soul on a spiritual quest, or something else?

Are you concerned about death, and if its arrival is really going to be the end to your existence?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions then read on…

Life and Death – Making Sense of It is precisely about getting to the nub of our existence.

This book will provide you with a perspective on death and what happens afterwards that you possibly haven’t thought of, or knew existed.

This book will give you hope, real optimism about survival, from a point of reason rather than blind faith and fear-laden religious belief.

It will help you to grasp what the soul is, what karma is, why reincarnation and the Other Side are so important to understanding existence.

This book will provide tips on how best to prepare for the big event. All you need do is join me on the inside and you are on your way…

The author and this book

Francis O'Neill imageHello, I’m Francis.

I’ve literally spent years looking into this matter of life and death. It has been a passion of mine to get to the bottom of it, really ever since I was in my teens.

Back then I pulled out of attending my church because I couldn’t buy into my orthodox religion’s perspective on life and death any longer. I became an atheist and existentialist by my twenties. But the matter wouldn’t go away, and besides I was experiencing something of the paranormal to keep my interest alive.

It has been a long journey of discovery involving a great deal of study and exploration. I took a degree in psychology, and had a career in archaeology — where I dealt with the aftermath of death first-hand through the excavation of burial sites (and a church graveyard in one instance). I also gained diplomas in astrology, and became fascinated with, and have written around, other so-called ‘fringe’ topics — self-hypnosis and graphology come to mind.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
Shakespear’s Hamlet – Hamlet to Horatio

Yes I’m a convert to there being a much greater purpose to our existence, on this beautiful planet of ours, than is dreamt of in our secular grasp of life, in our ‘9 to 5’ routines, or in whatever ‘bucket list’ we may conjure up to satisfy our temporal fancy.

Make a start to get your spiritual health into gear

I believe I have a good idea of where you might be coming from in your concerns. It is afterall healthy to be interested in, and want to understand an event that one day will happen to you and all of us, regardless. I believe I can help by offering you valuable spiritual insight into the matter.

I most definitely have something to say and I encourage you to join me on this journey. Take a read of the book, and feel free to look at the articles on this website.

Life and Death — Making Sense of It is available in paperback and Kindle.

Or get the PDF or EPUB versions here by visiting, Get the book page — you can get the Introduction for free from there too.

This is a proper book by the way. The full versions (paperback and PDF) carry Notes & References, an Appendix, a Bibliography and an Index.

For peanuts, only £3.25, you can get a full PDF copy delivered to your Inbox.

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