Alien messages to Earth – or are they!?

Alien messages to Earth - constellation of Orion image

Here are two ‘alien messages to Earth’ videos that I would encourage you to take a look and listen to. As to whether they are from actual aliens or not is, to my mind, not as relevant as the philosophy behind them. I’d suggest these messages are on-beam regards our situation. [ Alien messages to Earth ]

Alien Warning Message

This was broadcast live on tv in the UK
‘We come to warn you about your race and your planet.’
Uploaded by Nemesis Maturity January 2017

Message from an Extraterrestial – the movie 2014

Uploaded by TinG TinG Org Jan 2014 [ Alien messages to Earth ]

This message was purportedly received by Jean Ederman back in 2003. Ederman – real name Eric Julien – is a controversial character. You can read his commentary on the matter by visiting The Ederman Message website. [ Alien messages to Earth ]

Regardless of what one might consider the source or sources of this message, I think you will agree it is beautifully crafted and demands close attention. It develops around the question ‘Do you wish that we show up?‘ A big ‘Yes’ from me – let’s get the show on the road. Nice music too!

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