Getting the low-down on Bob Lazar and UFOs

By Francis O’Neill

Bob Lazar video - imageBob Lazar and UFOs. You have no-doubt heard of Area 51, in Nevada, and its links with UFOs. You may not know that interest in the area began with the revelations by physicist, Bob Lazar, back in the Eighties, with a video that he and Gene Huff made.

I should say, from the bat, that not everyone thinks Lazar is kosher — back then or now. He is a controversial figure. He claimed he worked in S4, an additional area associated with Area 51. In context here’s a series of videos (that I thought would be worth bringing together) that I hope will help to clarify the matter – and probably make you think on… [ Bob Lazar and UFOs ]

As astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, once said, “We have been visited.”

UFOs & Area 51 – The Official Bob Lazar Video – Alien Technology Revealed

[Apologies this video has been taken down, off YouTube, for copyright reasons. If it is replaced by the correct owner I will put it back here.]

Here’s the original (revamped) video that caused all the controversy back in the Eighties:

Uploaded by UFOTV® The Disclosure Movie Network

I might just add here that the notion of our having had visitations, from Zeta Reticuli (as discussed by Lazar), was already being considered from back in the Sixties; with the very controversial, but believed by many, abduction story, of Betty and Barney Hill – that was also investigated by J. Allen Hynek. [ Bob Lazar and UFOs ]

Area 51 Secrets of UFOS & Alien Technology (BOB LAZAR) (PART 1 of 5)

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New Bob Lazar Discovery! Open Minds UFO Report

There was suspicion and denial all around regarding who Lazar was, where he was educated and where he worked. This next video might throw some light on the matter regarding who is telling the truth. Take a look. [ Bob Lazar and UFOs ]

Uploaded by Open Minds Production

For what it is worth, I find Lazar totally believable.

Bonus video: Bob Lazar Interviewed by Art Bell 2002 Rare

Fabulous interview – very revealing!

Uploaded by Spartacus’ Skull and Bones

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3 thoughts on “Bob Lazar and UFOs

  • 20/08/2017 at 3:41 AM

    In truth the Government has no captured extraterrestrial alien space craft. What we know is that they are visiting the Earth. All our advanced technology is from that we developed ourselves here on Earth and not from any back-engineered alien spacecraft. It is believed they’re from a civilization from an artificially habitable planet believed in the earth’s solar system.

    • 21/08/2017 at 1:10 PM

      Thanks for your comment Robert. I can’t pretend to know the “truth” and I keep an open mind on this. You presumably have “insider” information to be able to make the statement you do.
      That aside, there’s more than one voice claiming the US (Government or otherwise), has alien space craft in its possession. There’s more than one voice claiming we are visited by extraterrestrials from outside our solar system – and by a number of different races.

      I have no problem with the logic of this. The only part that should present a theoretical problem, from my perspective, is not whether they exist or not, out there, but how are they getting here. If portals/wormholes (astral travel in old money) are the answer then it may be possible.

      The artificially habitable planet is new on me – unless we are talking speculatively about Mars or our Moon.


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