NASA capture of a UFO Fleet Leaving Earth

ufofleetleavingearthSome amazing footage here (August 2015) as NASA capture on video a UFO Fleet Leaving  Earth.

Before you watch this short video you might find it helpful to read the following accompanying text – to know more about what you are viewing:

UNDENIABLE: UFO Fleet Sighting In Space Leaving The Earth. This video shows us a live-recording by the STS-48 spaceshuttle using a far-ultraviolet spectrum camera. UV light cannot be seen by the human eye so the objects we see cannot be seen by the spaceshuttle crew.

It was never NASA’s intention so show us, the public, this encounter with a group of UFOs.

UFOs clearly leaving Earth. Look how they pulsate, have different speeds and trajectories.
This video is the result of experimental forensic super resolution video applications and has become factor 10 sharper and the image more stable. After the SR-processing, pixels have been repositioned and surrounding pixels new interpolated so the video is no longer blocky.

Enjoy the evidence that we are not alone …

Uploaded by Aliens Moon Truth Exposed

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