About the author, Francis O’Neill

Life and Death making sense of it - Francis O'NeillThanks for taking interest in this book.

I’m Irish by birth and although I feel very much at home in England, having lived here for most of my years, a part of me still lives in a misty and magical world that I associate with my roots.

Just like the knot-work and spirals of Iron Age Celtic art so I’m interwoven with an older tradition that can set my heart and imagination soaring.

The book, Life and Death Making Sense of It (and the articles on this website), is a reflection, in part, of my personal journey and very much a labour of love.

I spent over four years researching and writing the book. It is drawn from a lifetime of philosophical speculation, experiences and inner exploration.

Way back in the 1970s I went through a transformation in my beliefs about life and death. The catalyst for this change was CG Jung’s book, Memories, Dreams, Reflections. For me this was an epiphany, a homecoming experience.

This led me onto exploring many so-called ‘fringe’ topics and eastern religions – Zen Buddhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, the I Ching, astrology, graphology, transpersonal psychology, ufology and the paranormal.

Life and Death – Making Sense of It, in part at least, is borne out of a desire to report back, make a contribution. And I do have something important to say on what I have discovered since the start of that personal transformation, this journey.

A flavour of my working life and background

I regard myself first and foremost now as a spiritual writer and teacher, concerned with spiritual health.

I’ve had a varied career that has included vocations as a field archaeologist/supervisor (spent mostly on prehistoric sites around UK), a practising astrologer (ongoing), a promotions and distributions manager for an indie music label, and a teacher in Further Ed.

In recent years I was the IT trainer for a District Council in the UK.

I’m a qualified teacher with a BA Hons degree in Humanistic and transpersonal psychology. I’m a qualifed astrologer with diplomas from the Mayo School and Faculty of Astrological Studies. I also have a number of IT qualifications.

Comment on our life on Earth

It never ceases to astound me how awesome and magical our situation on the Earth is, either by considering human beings in juxtaposition with the other lifeforms that we live with, or by the paucity of life on other planets for millions of miles around us.  And yet how easy it is for us to overlook this fact, in the noise and dust of our day to day existence, with all its demands, stimulations and woes.

Similarly how ignorant a great number of us prefer to remain regarding our death – let alone see it in context with spiritual development.  Sure the idea that we are going to die, or, as I believe, more accurately lose our physical vehicle, scares us. Well okay, it scares most of us let’s say, as any major life change or turning point will.

But far from being a final interruption to our travels it is, I argue, a meaningful and dynamic part of our bigger journey, and a sound reason for our needing to do everything we can, to understand it and prepare for its inevitable and timely arrival.

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